Welcome to the Wytch’s Cauldron

A cauldron is a place where things are transformed: individual ingredients become something greater than themselves.  (Unless you’re a really bad cook.) Witches, after all, create their potions over bubbling cauldrons, and what do potions do? They transform those that drink of them.

Following a Pagan path has definitely been a transformative experience for me, giving me not just a new way of looking at the world, but a new way of looking at myself as well.

As for me, I am a highly eclectic solitary shamanic Wiccan with a dash of Druidry, a bit of Buddhism, a dab of Tao and a hint of Hellenism.  Yeah, I suppose “Eclectic Pagan” covers it just as well, but it’s not nearly as much fun.

In addition to the above, I’m a nurse, a writer, and a counted cross stitch addict.  Among other things.  (I’m a fairly typical Aquarian — if it’s not an interest now, it was or it will be, and if it was, it will be again.)

Why the weird spelling of Witch? No, the “y” has nothing to do with the (somewhat incomprehensible to me) spelling of “womyn” — I use it to distinguish between what I am and the stereotype.  Well, that was the original thought, anyhow. I’ve used the handle SoloWytch for so long I just can’t see myself changing it any time soon.



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