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30 Day Pagan Journaling Challenge 9-6-2017

There is a 30 day Pagan journaling challenge for the month of September set up on Instagram and I thought it would be fun to do it – and would get me back into the swing of things as well.

And back into blogging here as I answer the posts. (I’m not much of an Instagram person.)

Today’s question is:

What would I like to study next? Why?

I really don’t think I know the answer to that. Yesterday I said that I was developing an interest in herbalism so that’s sort of my answer, but I talked about that yesterday. So…

What else is catching my interest at the moment?

I really have no idea.

I’ve been doing a lot of crafting so somewhere in the back of my mind I’m harboring a touch of curiosity about how to blend that with my religion, so that might be something coming up in the near future. Maybe an art journal type of Book of Shadows?  Maybe several? One for each Sabbat, for Esbats, for each deity?

And there I go, planning on taking on too much, as usual.

Maybe I need to work on learning my limits…

But that’s no fun.

That’s also not really studying.

I’m in a really good group on Hedgwitches and there is so much about that path that I need to learn. Herbalism is tied into it but there’s so much more, so I think that might be my next learning expedition, especially as it will dovetail nicely with the study of herbs.