Buying Spells

Recently I posted about casting spells to help yourself, and why it’s okay to do that. But what about casting spells to help others?

Of course that’s permissible. I think it’s better if it’s done with their knowledge and consent, but everyone is going to have different opinions on that, and I’ll admit that there is a huge grey area there.

What about charging someone to cast a spell for them? Much bigger grey area. I mean, yes, your time and energy are worth something, and there should be some sort of exchange if you are doing work for another. And money can be considered to be a form of energy. But…

Are you liable if it backfires or doesn’t work?

I think I’d be more comfortable with teaching them how to do it themselves: not only does that relieve you of liability, but it helps to demystify the process, make it more accessible and understandable.

And more enlightenment can only be a good thing, right?


Now, what about going to someone to have a spell cast for you? (This is what prompted this post…*)

Personally, I’d rather do it myself.

For one thing, no one is going to be more emotionally invested in your problem than you are, and it’s emotional energy that fuels the magic.

(Note: if you are sick or run down or otherwise unable to raise enough energy to do a spell, then by all means, ask for help from friends in the Craft until you are back on your metaphysical feet.)

But more importantly, this path is about taking responsibility for yourself and your life, for creating the change you want and the outcome you want.

Giving that responsibility to another lessens your own power and control over your life.

Don’t do that.

Be wise.

Do it yourself.



*I’ve been getting  comments about how great so and so is and how much s/he helped the poster gain control over their life or do whatever. 

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  1. I agree. I have never and never will ask someone to cast a spell for me. I have had some of my spells not work, and I have enough self-doubt in my own abilities. I don’t need someone else’s doubt added to it.

    I always say magick works when one believes in it. It’s an energy, but if you don’t have the belief in manifesting that energy, it fizzles out. There are too many out people who downtalk magick because of this.

    Too much pressure! Too much pressure! *cringes*

    • I will do spells to help others, but only those that I’m close to. I figure the emotional energy spills over, because what affects someone close to me affects me as well. But I’ve never charged. (Nothing wrong with charging, but like you said, “Too much pressure!”

  2. I agree that it’s better to do it yourself if you can but I’ve cast on behalf of someone who couldn’t do it herself. Whilst I have no problem with charging for it – I charge quite happily for my non magical professional skills, I didn’t as she was a friend in trouble.

    I’ve also always had to ask someone to read the cards for me as I have no skill at all in that direction. Some I’ve paid, some I haven’t. I don’t mind “buying in” this service and paying for it as I know the work that the reader has had to do to get proficient. Why should they just give this away?

    • First of all, FINALLY! this blog recognizes you and doesn’t make me approve your comments. LOL

      I think that reading the cards is a little different. It can be really hard to step back from the situation and be objective when reading for yourself. I used to hang out with a fair number of readers and it wasn’t uncommon for them to do readings for each other on an as needed/trade/barter basis.

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