First, let me apologize for missing last week.  I somehow forgot what day it was until two days later when I was writing a post for my writing blog.


Excuse me while I rant…

First (or is this second now?) let me say that I don’t mind teaching.  In fact, I love teaching.  I love helping others find their way along the path or learn about energy or whatever.  I even loved it when I would have orientees at work.

(Granted, way back when I was starting out on this path I got dragged into the role of teacher kicking and screaming and objecting that I didn’t know enough to be a teacher.   My most often used line was “I’m a healer, not a teacher” – at least, it was until I was reminded that teaching is a form of healing.)

But, anyhow…  I like teaching.  I should have been one.

But I do not like spoon-feeding people!

And, yes, in the last few days I’ve had more than enough of that to last me a lifetime.

We’re supposed to be the wise ones, the knowing ones.

We’re supposed to take responsibility for ourselves and our paths and our learning. It’s one thing to ask for help with something you don’t understand.  And we were all new to the path once – that’s not the issue.

But asking what “eclectic” means instead of taking less than a minute to Google the word?   Seriously – it took longer for him to type the question and wait for an answer than it would have taken to open a new tab and Google it.

Another goodie was “Who’s Prometheus?”  Seriously?   The picture that started that thread mentioned him being bound and having his liver torn out every day for giving mankind the gift of fire and you couldn’t get some sort of general idea who he is?   Or look it up yourself?


Reading comprehension: it’s a wonderful thing.

So is Google.

Maybe because I came to this path before the days of the internet, when answers took longer to find than typing a couple words into Google, but this is really starting to irritate me.

I’m not saying don’t ask questions.  Asking questions is a great way to learn, and, frankly, no one can teach you if we don’t know what you need to know.

But before you ask, look things up on your own!  For one thing, following Wiki links is a great way to explore and learn about all sorts of things that may intrigue you, perhaps even things that you didn’t know about.  (I can spend hours following links in Wikipedia, sometimes to the point of forgetting what I started out researching.)

Granted, you aren’t going to find the answers to everything online.  Sometimes you need to talk to other people.  And most of us on this path are more than happy to answer questions.

I know I am.

As long as you’ve done at least some work on your own.  (Can’t find the info you want?  I’m happy to refer you to websites or books if I know of any.)

And sometimes you need an answer to things that aren’t quite as quick and easy of a look up – help for anxiety (there are a bazillion or two correspondences for everything), suggestions for spells, different tried and true methods of doing things because sometimes the way you’ve been doing things just isn’t working at the moment and you need something new.

And anything that requires a more objective viewpoint – for instance, it’s really hard to do a clear, non-biased reading for yourself.

Read. Learn.  Then ask questions about things you don’t quite understand:  sometimes you need to hear things put in a different way, and that’s where a teacher comes in.

I am more than willing to help people who want to learn.

But I’m not going to spoon feed you.

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